Along the road I received mountains of support that helped me get through to the end of my planned tour. This support, in fact, is the reason I was able to tackle this challenge. I found that whenever I was having a hard time on the road somebody was there to pick me up.

Below you will find a few business who helped me with discounts or great support. I had not searched for sponsorship before the trip for I had kind of taken on the challenge quickly, but with the products I did use I was satisfied for many reasons.

There are loads of people who helped me along the way. People encouraged me, took me in, helped me with food, and sometimes even gave me spending money. Some even helped me through the link on my site. To everybody who helped to make this adventure possible, I thank you ever so much. When I look back on my tour it is the people and shared experiences that stick out in my mind more than anything.

Take a look at my photo albums and you will find hundreds of people who have helped me or shared something with me that I have carried in my stomach or will be carrying with me in my heart.


Thank you to the folks at Freewheel bicycle. I purchased my Surly LHT and much of my gear at their fine location near the U of M Twin Cities campus. Best service and selection in Minneapolis!!

****UPDATE: Thank you very much for the discounted prices on the few items I picked up in December during my time back in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The savings will now be able to go into my belly! You guys are the best! Thanks!

REAL CHEAP SPORTS of Ventura, CA: Thank you for the discount prices on gear!! Best spot in California!!

CERVECERIA BOLIVIANA NACIONAL, S.A.: I stopped off at the brewery in La Paz, Bolivia to say hello to the maker's of my favorite beer down here, Pacena. The great guys in the marketing department hooked us up with a couple cool souvenirs, including a Pacena hat to protect me from the brutal sun down here. Thanks guys!!!

 Surly bicycles: I have really beat on my bike pretty hard and I had a couple components on the front rack break (just little metal fixtures), so I contacted Surly to see if they could be replaced and sent to my parents who were to be visiting me in Costa Rica. No problem. There wasn't even a question as to whether or not this could happen, all I received was a message wishing me the best on my tour and that the parts were in the mail and on the way to central Wisconsin. Thanks a ton guys! Best service ever! The bike and both racks have been unbeatable!

  • Friends and Family
  • I just want to throw out a huge 'THANK YOU' to all of those who helped me in my route. I know there hundreds of people who have either provided me with kind words, a little spending cash, food, or even a place to stay on this route. I appreciate and love every one of you for all of your help and support. MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!!! I know in many ways we provide each other with a ton of value, but I hope one day I can provide people in my shoes with the same treatment I received.