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Update 8/12/2011

posted Aug 12, 2011, 11:33 PM by Matthew Gorzlancyk

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    So we bid farewell to Lucho at the Casa Ciclista in Trujillo, Peru on the 31st of July and began making our way for Lima. The Casa Ciclista was really a wonderful opportunity to kick back, get some reading done, and think about our upcoming weeks and how we were going to navigate through them.

    Although the desert had been a little trying at times we were always being entertained along the way in one way or another. From trucks carrying sugarcane or meeting a doggie trying to look like a human, to visiting a store that was selling meat in Chimbote, there were rarely hours that passed without something to keep us laughing or interested!


    Unfortunately we were forced to see the realities of what can happen, and does happen on well-traveled roads down here at night. Although you do see some things that are definitely difficult to encounter (as comes with the time on the road), you do also get to make some friends (as pictured below, we met this gentleman on his route 3 times between Trujillo and Lima), and you also get to do some nice climbs!!!


    Riding closer to Barranca, Peru, the scenery became much more beautiful than in the days leading up to this city. Being able to view the mountains on one side and the sea on the other definitely helped us to eliminate the focus placed on the headwinds we had been facing on a daily basis.

    Upon arriving in Barranca, we were welcomed with a pleasant surprise. We had kind of fallen into a slump in recent days due to the monotonous desert scene when we found that there was another cyclist at the fire station in which we were going to stay. The guy’s name is Fernando, an older gentleman from Buga, Colombia. He had been hosting cycle tourists in his home and finally decided he needed to get out and do some cycling himself. This guy is riding from his home in Buga, Colombia, down to Patagonia, just like us. After hanging out with Fernando for a couple of days in the Barranca fire station (Thanks guys!), we all decided we should do some riding together for awhile. So without further ado, here is our newest riding mate, Fernando: he is the guy in the black jacket and the yellow hat. The other dude is a guy we met in the Plaza de Armas in downtown Lima... He goes by "GATO VIEJO" (old cat)... *My son tell me I needs to speak da English so I can be a success!... Really sweet guy. He was Fernando's guide for the afternoon.

    We are now in Lima staying with my friend I had met in Mexico back in 2006, Gaby Velarde. We have been welcomed with very kind and loving arms by her and her wonderful family and will probably spend a fair amount of time with them all. It is really unbelievable how great they have been to us since we arrived. We have already visited a school in which we explained our trip, spent some time with Gaby’s friends, and have enjoyed some fine evenings with her mother and brothers. We now even have plans to do a 12k race on Sunday and to do a little riding around the city. So as of now I don’t think we will be back on the road until at least the 17th.

    Before closing I just wanted to give a big thank you to all of the fire stations that have taken us in on our ride in Peru. You guys are such a great group. I have been very impressed by the firefighters along the way, but the fact that you are all volunteers down here in Peru really makes an unbelievable impression as to the dedication of all of you to your communities. We appreciate you all very much. You have made our lives as traveling cyclists much more comfortable since our arrival in your very interesting country. Also, thank you to those of you who have taken us in and helped us here in Peru. We appreciate everybody and everything that has been given us in the way of hospitality along our route.

   To those of you reading these entries, stay tuned! I think I am going to try to keep this a little better maintained for the remainder of the ride. Thanks for all of your messages and support along the way!