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Quick Update: July 5, 2011

posted Jul 10, 2011, 6:56 PM by Matthew Gorzlancyk
Matt and I have finally passed the border of Colombia and Ecuador, crossed the Equator which puts us in the Southern Hemisphere, and have arrived in Quito, Ecuador! It took us a while due to our love of chilling, eating street food, and hanging out with the homeless whenever we can, but we are once again measuring progress in kilometers. 

Ecuador has turned out to be very surprising for us. We had entered the country thinking it would be really poor and extremely 3rd world. So far we have been mistaken. This country feels very calm, wealthy enough for cars to fill the road, and even the minimum wage is competitive when it comes to living expenses and is compared to Colombia. We are currently staying at a fire station in the heart of the colonial city and will be leaving tomorrow. 

Everything has really gone quite well since we have entered Ecuador and we are both very excited to see what this country brings. Keep on following to see what is next in our adventure through South America!!!