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Quick Update 9/22/2011

posted Sep 22, 2011, 8:11 AM by Matthew Gorzlancyk   [ updated Sep 22, 2011, 7:01 PM ]

21, 614 kilometers in 448 days and Matt and I are still in Puno, Peru by the famous Lake Titicaca! Yep, we are ready to leave.

You never know what’s gonna happen while on the road, especially when you have this place in your heart for the wonders of street food.

So Matt and I have now been in Puno since the the 18th of September, and to be completely honest, neither of us actually like the town very much. Sure, there is a big lake, but I think we both have seen quite a few that have made more of an impression on us (at least with what we’ve seen of it so far). We broke down and got a cheap hotel that has internet and we have been researching our Bolivia route, using the google phone to call our families and friends, and just enjoying uninterrupted time alone. Night after night we have been out scraping the streets for hamburger carts that sell delicious burgers for only 1.5 nuevo soles. As we have walked around, either Matt mentions how he wouldn’t mind another day to poke around on the internet or I decide it would be good to work on the site a little bit more.

Last night we had the best of intentions. We even went out for dinner a bit early. We ate our first and last Peruvian Chaufa (oriental-style fried rice), put down one last hamburger, drank a bubble-gum flavored refreshment, and went back for a good night of rest. Everything was rolling right and we were going to be entering Bolivia on the 22nd, we thought…

Well, as many of you know, I seem to have more problems with my bowels than the average feller. I awoke to a rumble in my tummy, and out came a little ffffflllllppppttthhhh!!!! Ahh, nuts! All I was thinking as I ran out of our room to the seat-less shared toilet was that I hope none of it touched the fabric of my pants.

Don’t worry. The pants were ok. I just wasn’t and currently am not in the best of shape. I am now practicing my sprints from the bed to the bathroom in a repeated race against time. Nothing new. But don't worry, there is always plenty of good entertainment that comes from Andean Peru. I will just hang out and watch some of my favorite music videos:







So, it looks like we will be heading for Bolivia tomorrow if all goes right. Real difficult to leave music like that behind!!!

So I will get up a good update here again soon. I did get some photos up though from Tumbes to Lima, and from Lima to Cuzco if you are interested. To take a look, click here:  6. PERU PHOTO GALLERIES / FOTOS PERU.

Enjoy and stay tuned for future updates!!!