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posted Aug 12, 2011, 9:32 PM by Matthew Gorzlancyk

** New Ecuador photos, Nuevas Fotos de Ecuador

Chilling out at the World Famous ‘Casa Ciclista Trujillo'

   Matt and I have actually put the pedals to the metal over the last couple of weeks. We entered Peru on July 15th and were able to actually knock out over 750 kilometers in two weeks. For us, that is moving at an alarming rate! We actually crashed through Ecuador, but I think in Colombia we were averaging about 20 kilometers a day!!!

   Now we are back in chill mode. We arrived at the Casa de Amistad (Casa de Ciclista) on the 27th and have been really enjoying this place. Lucho and his wife are really wonderful people. He opened this place up as a place for touring cyclists to be able to chill, share experiences, and enjoy each other’s company, back in the 80’s. Set in the heart of Trujillo, with access to a two great markets and within a five-minute stroll of the historic center, this is a cyclist’s dream. With an experienced mechanic in Lucho at your disposal and the availability of tools at your disposal, you can get all the repairs done you need here. If you just want to relax there are a number of guestbooks filled with entries by many of the 1,500+ cyclists who have shared and stopped at this humble locale. If you are in the area, this is a necessary location to stop, at least for a day.

   When we arrived we were welcomed by a really cool pair of cyclists I have ran into now three times from Madison, Wisconsin, Alan and Erin. These two are touring Alaska to Argentina on a tandem bicycle and upon returning to the states are to be wed within weeks of arrival. As loyal Packer fans, we enjoyed a game together down in San Francisco in October and have remained in communication. By chance we met up again and were able to share a few more drinks and the countless stories that can accumulate over 9 months apart. They just left today to hit the mountains again. I am hoping that down the road we will have the chance to meet up once again. They have a blog as Every journey is a little different and experiences definitely vary. If you have thought about rolling a tandem, riding with your girlfriend, or just want another take on touring, check it out!

   We will be pushing off for a 550 kilometer ride to Lima in a day or two to visit a friend of mine in Lima. A little more desert does not sound too appealing considering the beauty of the mountain route, but for us it is probably recommendable. Our less climbing and more chilling motto should bring us closer to what we have been waiting for a little bit faster, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina.

Nos vemos!