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QUICK UPDATE: 07/18/2011

posted Jul 29, 2011, 6:05 PM by Matthew Gorzlancyk


Ecuador was quick, but it was great. From the wonderful fire stations that allowed us to crash with ease, to the great people who provided us with warm hospitality, our time spent in Ecuador will be remembered. We climbed into the mountains, crossed the Equator (for the first time in my life!), viewed how developed Ecuador has become in recent years, ate a bunch of cheap and delicious street food, and enjoyed the cheap fruit and vegetables we continued to encounter by the roadside.

When we finished our climbing into Quito we decided that our new riding philosophy for the coming days would be ‘Less climbing, more chilling’, so we dropped about 3,000 meters in 70 kilometers and rode right through the miles and miles of banana country towards Peru. The riding was maybe not quite as scenic as some of the mountain views one can get on a different route, but it was definitely quite comfortable and enjoyable.

We have kept with the philosophy established in Quito, and are now riding down the coast of Peru. We have just exited the beachside riding and are now only one or two days away from entering the Desert of Sechura… We are currently chilling in Talara, Peru, at a fire station, preparing for the coming days, which are sure to be a bit more difficult than the last couple of weeks. I think we are both ready for the challenge of the desert, and the isolated riding and camping that it will bring.

On the 20th we will move on, following the Uruguay/Peru match-up (The America Cup soccer tournament) tomorrow. The tournament has now reached the semi-finals and the Latinos have been loving it since it began. We have decided we had better start following so we can understand what the hype is all about and maybe relate with our Peruvian neighbors. I think we will be rooting for Peru in this fire station, otherwise we might have to get out and find another place to sleep…