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Off to Mexico via the baja... (Baja California)

posted Oct 19, 2010, 12:42 AM by Matthew Gorzlancyk

The stories go on and on…


I have ridden with a variety of people along the way, finished many tours with them, and I know this will probably continue to happen. In early September a few people I rode with including Dave Reed, Nick Diogardi, Francine, and Beth all finished their tour in Brookings, OR. This was a really cool and very fun crew. I was very bummed to see them all leave. Upon the completion of their rides we did a nice Mexican dinner to see them off right. This was the end of another chapter along the way. Little did I know that I would meet some pretty damned cool dudes and new friends in the next couple of days…


I met a couple of unbelievable people in Brookings, OR. Bettina, Andy, and Tom. We did it up right with a couple of fires and the Fred Meyer’s… It turned out that Andy, Tom and I were a solid crew to San Francisco.


“We’ve been drinking…” “Trow da lawder on da trawler…” These are just a taste of the common lines along the way. From Brookings we hit McKinleyville and Arcata, CA really hard. I do not even know how to explain how wild of a time we had… From bombing down from Ladybird Johnson grove at 50 mph, to the multiple crashes on the Arcata nights, things were interesting.


Since my interesting times with Tom and Andy, I have now run into a couple of very solid Swiss fellas. We stayed on a vineyard one night, at Rincon Point the next, and are now only days away from entering Mexico…


Our hosts have all been wonderful. I have stayed with the Stephenson’s by Rincon Point, the Davidge’s on their vineyard, my friend Sam Alexander in his garage, my friends Marc and Aggie in their home, and now my friend Julie Hintz’s place. Thank you all for everything you have done to make my journey as wonderful as it has been.


So… this blog is definitely not as detailed as I would like it to be, but there are definitely happenings and stories that take too long to define. Mexico is coming up (2-3 days) and I needed to let people know where I am.


I feel very fortunate to be on the road. I will continue to miss my doggie, my mother and father, and my brother and sister. Time to get increasingly more uncomfortable. This is what I travel for… Here we go!


If you have followed me this far, keep on watching. Life is about to become more uncomfortable and interesting. This is what I set out for.