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It is a beautiful life.

posted Oct 24, 2010, 2:26 AM by Matthew Gorzlancyk
I just wanted to say thank you to everyone I have met during my section of touring the United States. You have all given me so much more than I could have expected. I am grateful for the hospitality and love that I have felt from each and every one of you along the way.

Tomorrow I enter Mexico with two fantastic individuals by my side (Reto and Chris) (The other two amigos...) **Thanks for the message Mom and Dad. I will fortunately be welcomed by Alejandro and Mirella in Tijuana.  I know this meeting will make the transition much easier. This new chapter has caused me a little worry, but as time has gone on, and now that I am within hours of the change, I am becoming increasingly excited. I expect to feel and experience the Mexican culture in a very special way. It is time to get a little uncomfortable, which is the reason I am on this tour. The states were easy, and made even easier by the many wonderful people I have encountered over the last 115 days. Now I begin my Latin American education. 

Good night!! See you all soon!

**Alfie: "I can't wait..."