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Grand Forks, ND (July 14, 2010 - July 17, 2010)

posted Jul 16, 2010, 6:33 PM by Matthew Gorzlancyk   [ updated Aug 6, 2010, 12:09 PM ]
Following my relaxing stay at the Centko's, I hit the road spinning once again with dreams of little Louis going after me with a strong rage in his eyes... (he was a bugger in the mornings, but it got me out of bed real fast!!). I had plans of reaching Grand Forks that day, but seeing as how I had gotten a late start (as has been the case for awhile now...), I only made it to Hendrum, MN. This is about the point where all of the free public park camping began. I found out there was a park only about a mile out of town from a gas station attendant at Nepstad Oil, so I made my way over to see what it looked like. There were bathrooms, and a couple mediocre sites, but one had a fire pit. I met a couple in the park and they aided me in contacting the local police officer so that he knew I would be out there for the night (I have made this a common practice, contacting local authorities, due to the methamphetamine saturation from western MN, and on throughout Montana). I setup camp and had a little fire. Hit the sack after a nice read and a little buckskin flask action.

I awoke to the sound of a lawnmower only a matter of yards from my tent. This got me moving a little earlier than I had been used to. I quickly scooped up my gear, packed, and headed back to Nepstad Oil for a little coffee. I enjoyed a little conversation with a sweet lady attending the register (I was even able to score a free refill. Got to keep those caffeine levels up!). She told me how her daughter worked at a Pebble Beach golf course and has become good friends with Bill Murray. Fun! I read for an hour, then hit the road.

I planned on reaching Grand Forks, ND, so I phoned Logan Osterberg, a Mohall, ND native, to see if he knew anybody in that area. Turns out he did! He set me up with his friend Kari Haarsager, who was attending NDSU for a Master's in Speech Pathology. When I got there, she told me to make myself at home, shower, do laundry, etc. We ended up working on a martini cake for a girls night her and her friends were to be having that Saturday.

After helping frost the cake, meeting the cat Rizzo, and getting cleaned up, we met up with some of her friends from Canada. We drank a little High Life, and made fun of the Canadians for their silly vocabulary and monopoly money (the teasing was reciprocated though...).  They were a fun group of girls with much more energy than I had, after the day of bicycling. We then headed downtown for a bit, but ended the night in a very low-key fashion. We went back to the apartment and I went down when my head hit the pillow.

Upon waking up, Kari and I wandered downtown to a solid sandwich shop that had an amazing Tuna salad sandwich. We wandered around by the river for a bit and hit up DQ for a little ice cream action. MMM... Strawberry cheesquake with brownies!!! I got really tired after the ice cream and took a nap that kind of ruined my chances of leaving for the day. I ended up just heading to a park and caught up on some journaling and reading that had been lacking over the previous two days. I finally found the Burger King I had been craving for days, went back to the apartment, and we had a movie night with one of her friends.

I awoke around 1000a and found that Kari had already went out for cheese and bacon baguettes for us. She was re-icing the cake we had worked on since her cat, Rizzo, knocked it over when she left it unattended in her room for no more than 5 minutes. Darn gatos! I drank a little coffee, thought I was about to get moving, but passed out on the couch until about 200p. Holy nuts!! Another late start! It even sounds more ridiculous as I am sitting here typing it! Well, I showered and hit the road with a brown paper bag filled with 2 sandwiches, sweet berry bread, and some almonds. (Thanks Kari!!! You are a sweetheart!!). I did make a decent haul though. I arrived in Michigan, ND around 830p and met the Sheriff, Kelly. He informed me of free camping that also provided wood and a fire pit. I was fortunately able to sit down, have a big ole' fire, and read for a few hours. This night would be one of the most relaxing for days to come.

***I will attempt to get this blog up to speed soon. The library is closing. Gotta go! Thanks everybody for your words of encouragement along the way! Also, if there is anybody who has aided me to this point, I appreciate every one of you greatly! Adios!