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Blogging... (and a thank you or two.)

posted Aug 23, 2010, 12:25 AM by Matthew Gorzlancyk   [ updated Aug 24, 2010, 7:02 AM ]
I know I have not kept up with this portion of my site all that well, but there are now up-to-date photos available in the Photo gallery of my site. Please take the time to check them out. 

I just wanted to thank a few people for their support thus far in my venture:

Russ and Judy Brekken. All of your help, your donation, and your presence in Havre, MT have been much appreciated. You two are fantastic. (So are the rest of you young Brekkens...). I miss ya Ben.

Cycle20ten gang. ( Thank you for everything. You guys are an inspiration to people everywhere. The idea that you all made it as far as you did, and at your age, just blows my mind. It was very nice meeting all of you on the road. I know you all have great futures. Please don't waste the time and opportunities you will see in the future. (Don't forget the bear dance or gummies either. I have a feeling these ideas will be the wave of the future. (You guides really rocked as well. Good luck to all of you fellas. Stay in touch. *Facebook might help).

Mark Ruston. Thank you for your support and the SPOT. You are a pretty kick-ass father to make the final stretch of the ride with your son, Mike, and the gang. We will stay in touch and get that gps unit going with the site. I will do my part and keep it on while I ride.

John Centko. Thanks for the contact and the spot in your place.

Stephanie Yakobina and Mike Zalewski. Thank you for the wonderful time in Tumwater and Seattle, WA. The accomodations, food, and game were great!! A Packer game in Seattle (How flippin' sweet is that?!).

Paul Calewarts. Thank you for all of your help along the way. The advice on cooking, early wake-ups, etc. Your tour is unbelievable as well. Jacksonville, FL to San Francisco, CA!!! Nuts!! As a 53-year old man also! You definitely have some drive. Good luck!

Scott and Lynn Gorzlancyk: As always mom and dad, you guys rock!! I love you guys. Give Jakie a big hug for me.

Recent photos are also here: